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Commercial Work

CP Energy - Sand Commander Animation

This is a 3D animation I worked on for a company named CP Energy:, that shows how their Sand Commander unit separates  Gas, Sand, and Water from each other.


Almost everything in the animation was created from scratch by me, except for the final camerawork, some of the fluid animation, and the Title card at the beginning.

3D Printable Busts

     Here you can see a set of 3, 3D printable busts I sculpted for someone.  The busts were of some of their family members and later were given as gifts.

3D World for Game

     This is a project I did for someone in Switzerland.  My part was to model and sculpt the landscape using a drawing that was provided for reference, then add the textures to it.  I was also hired to make sure the building and tree models downloaded from various websites by the client would work with Blender, then add them to the landscape.  The final world can be seen below.

Power Service, Inc.
3D Models on SketchFab

     In mid-2016, Power Service wanted to put some of their units onto SketchFab to be able to show clients how each unit worked while using an Iphone.  So they hired me to get the models ready by baking the materials and textures onto the 3D models used in the animations further down the page, as well as modifying the models to have fewer polygons so they would load faster on SketchFab.  You can see how they turned out below.

3D Printed Model

     Here is a 3D printed model I finished working on in early 2016.  My part in the project was to modify a model that the Power Service draftsmen had created for something else and make it ready for 3D printing.  You can see the 3D printed model, as well as screenshots of how the finished 3D model looks on the computer below.


Pipe Meter Model
Created for Power Service
Ipad Animations

     This is a set of nine animations, plus one that isn't on YouTube, that a friend and I finished working on in early 2014 for a company that manufactures the parts and buildings for processing oil out in the field.  My part of the project was to create the environment and all of the materials, lighting, and texturing for the building models that were provided by the company, as well as a significant amount of clean up work on the models seen here on my website, while my partner did the animation and voice-over work. 


     One thing that was very cool about this project is that my partner was able to put all of the animations together into an application that runs on an Ipad.  So it starts off showing an overhead view of all of the buildings connected with pipes and the oil going through each building's process, then the user is able to touch a building on the Ipad and it zooms in and switches to the animation for that building.  Each of the units that I had a part in creating can be seen to the left and below.
Stick Man in Boat with Sharks_arms up_sunrise_final_wix.jpg

Here you can see my stock image collection currently on  If you would like to license an image, they can be found here on Shutterstock.


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