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First Ground Texture Update

The next update is done! Here is the video showing how it looks as well as some of the options I added for the music.

It took quite a bit longer than I expected to make the first ground texture that will be used for the pathways, but at least now I’ll have a system for creating the other ones that should make it go faster. The great thing was that I was able to create a seamless texture from scratch in Blender, so it should also make for a good base in creating the next textures. Here are how the models look in Blender:

I think for the next updates, the plan is to try to fully make one small area and get all the different systems like rain and wind working for that area. Then, as I’m making the other areas, I’ll have most everything worked out already. The next thing I’ll be working on is modeling one of the trees. I thought I would do the aspen or cherry blossom area first, so it will be one of those. I haven’t decided which area to work on first yet. I’ll probably try to do smaller chunks as well so there isn’t such a large amount of time between updates.

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