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Here are the download links for the game. Enjoy!

As a note, I'm currently using MediaFire to host the downloads, but unfortunately it has a lot of ads, so you'll have to just ignore all of them and only click on the download button to download the game.  Also ignore any popup windows that might come up.

You will also find two downloads in the folder.  One will be of the current update, and the other one labeled TreesLotsOfTreesTest, is of a test I did where the whole map was very densely covered in Aspen trees to  see the worst the performance might be in the future.  Before downloading that one, be sure to check the System Requirements below to see if it might run on your computer.  With that build, you can also see what kind of Frames Per Second you are getting by pressing the tilde key ( ` ), which is next to the 1 on a keyboard, then entering stat FPS into the console window that appears.



Windows 64 bit:

Linux: Eventually, I’ll have a Linux build, but it looks like it will require learning a bit of C++ coding, so I don’t have one yet.


Save Game locations for the builds can be seen here:




It might not be necessary, but before downloading the game, you may want to read this short license found here: Basically, it just says that the game is provided as it is, and you won’t hold me or Epic responsible for anything that happens in relation to the game. Also, that you won’t do anything with the game besides play it. 


There are also some third party licenses in there that the Unreal Engine uses that I don’t know for sure if they need to be shared that basically say the same thing.  From what I’ve heard, most people in the games industry don’t pay much attention to Third Party Licenses, but I thought I would go ahead and include them.



I'm not sure how low end of a computer it will run on, but here are two of my computer specs and about what FPS they give on both downloads, while the Unreal editor is also open.  For the actual game files that you download, performance should be a little bit better:


Computer  1:

Intel Core i7
16 Gb Ram
Nvidia 650m 1Gb

Current Update:
Performance: 18 -30 FPS

Settings Used: 1280 x 800 Resolution, Shadows and Texture Quality - Low Quality, View Distance - 38%, Foliage Density - 14%,

                           Render upscale -19%

Notes: Right now it's the graphics card, which is pretty old now, that is keeping it from going to a higher fps.

Trees...Lots of Trees Test:


Computer 2:

Intel Xeon

24Gb Ram

Nvidia GTX 1060

Current Update:

Performance: 60-120 FPS

Settings Used: Resolution 1920 x 1080, everything set to High

Notes: At the lower FPS, currently being limited by the CPU Draw thread that calculates what should be visible in the game, then

             shifts to being limited by the GPU at the higher FPS where there isn't much to draw on the screen

Trees...Lots of Trees Test:

Performance: 10 - 40 FPS, usually 20 FPS and above during the winter, and around 30 FPS and above during the summer

Settings Used: Resolution 1920 x 1080, everything set to High.  Setting the shadows to Medium puts the FPS into the 30 - 40s 

                           as the worst

Notes: Currently being limited by the GPU

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